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Twister Caller
Twister Board

Twister Caller

A free online automatic Twister spinner

Ever fancied a game of Twister but can't find a spare person to spin the spinner? You need...TWISTER CALLER!


Game Speed
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How it works
Click the start link above and the game board will pop up giving you a 5 second countdown before it starts to spin. After each spin the board will wait 3 seconds before spinning again. Clicking on the board will stop the spinner. Click again to start.
Click on the cogwheel on the bottom right of the screen to return to this page.

Speaker Volume
Click here to test your browser and computer volume.

Browser Compatibility
Twister Caller uses HTML5 so it needs a recent browser. It has been tested to work with IE9, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 5.0.1, Safari 5.1 and Chrome 12.0, and it currently looks best in IE9.